When Love Is Not Love

Olufunke Kolapo

Will love still be love
When all deem it wrong
When the people in love
Are not supposed to be?

Will love still be love
When no one thinks it’s decent
Safe the people in love
And all they to prove is their love?

Is love still love
When the head says to the heart
“This feeling is so wrong ”
And the heart whispered back,
“But it feels so right”?

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You and I 


Poetry Art Heart

I pushed everyone away, because I believed love was just a fantasy
But since I got to know you it’s like I turned to papacy

Because, before you love was just a fairy tale

But then, you crossed that line and in my heart you left a trail
Remember that day you talked to me babe

I wanted to tell you to forget me, maybe

Because I’m damaged with a head full of demons

But then you showed me that a cocktail is made from lemons
I used to wait for just the right moment to tell you this

But then I remembered I wanted to be called yours, not his

Though it may sound like one and the same thing

The rigthness of the moment could do nothing but sting
I wanted you to be the first to make a move

But then, I’d to be and willing to…

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Have you wondered why some people go through life without any hustle but end up getting everything they want? Have you asked why the other applicant with the same qualities and qualification as you landed the job and you didn’t? Do you keep asking yourself how come your friend always get the “good one”?

In life, one has to pay a price for something or someone but it all depends on the price tag so then i ask, what is your price?  Everything on the surface of earth which includes human being has a price. Your educational background, talent, personality, communication and interpersonal relationship skills, leadership skills etc. All these come together to give you a price tag, what the employer is willing to pay to keep you in the company or someone is willing to pay just to be your friend or partner. Lets take note that payment…

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Need be!


Its the month of love and ladies who have been chased for so long want to allow themselves to be caught. That’s fine sometimes you have to let yourself go just to experience new things.  You said yes to his date invitation because you see a potential “BAE” in him or you are tired of being single or you just want to have some fun and meet new people, these are all good reasons to go on a first date but the issue is how to do you present yourself?

First impression can make or unmake you, don’t forget you both have spoken on the phone several times and even have gone ahead to send photos / videos of yourselves to each other therefore the expectation is really high. Do not send a wrong information or kill his vibes with your appearance. You may be “feeling” this guy already so…

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