LOVE IN TEN- Kneal1 Poetry

 Love is the Forgiveness, that thrust out all grievances when we err

 Love is a beautiful and pure Heart that harbors no ill reservations

 Love knows no boundaries, racism, tribalism, terrorism……..u name it

 Love does not discriminant, it gives praise and honor where it belongs

 Love does not feign affection

 Love takes ownership of one’s wrongs

 Love shows gratitude even for the little things

 Love is the wake that the world needs

 Love gives voice to explain concerns and desires

 Love is what we need for a peace of mind

This is written to meet the prompt; where Kneal1 asked us to write Ten sentences of Love.

5 Replies to “LOVE IN TEN- Kneal1 Poetry”

  1. my friend, Yes this wonderful,(Love it) Love shows gratitude even for the little things…Thank you so much for joins us in Love in Ten Amazing Writer…Be blessed and feel free to nominate others to spread the Love if you wish…

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